Nick has two paintings selected for the final of the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017 . "Reef Shark" and "Tranquility" will be on display in London until the 2nd July  . Reef Shark is also featured on the cover of the catalogue for this special 10th anniversary show

Exhibition at The Deep :

From March 1st until the end of April The Deep in Hull will be exhibiting a selection of my work including Both Originals and prints . 10 of my prints were chosen by the staff at the aquarium and printed onto beautiful glass panels for display alongside 5 original pieces , several of which were painted especially for the aquarium and feature their amazing Green Sawfish .


**New Print Release **
With my exhibition at The Deep just a week away i have released the limited edition of "Green light" today . Having Visited the Aquarium its easy to see that it really is much more than a tourist attraction and they genuinely care about the marine life they look after .The Deep's aim is to help raise public awareness of marine conservation issues of national and global significance. they are passionate about protecting the oceans and the species that live within it . From protecting endangered penguins in Antarctica, to monitoring Manta Ray populations in the Red Sea or safeguarding the future of endangered animals .

This special print will come with a unique COA and best of all 50% of the proceeds will go to help fund The Deeps projects .
The print is available through the website or gallery now

New piece "Tiger Below " nearing completion . Featuring Nicks special Split level technique .

"PRIDE" will  be on show at the Grierson Galleries from 21st Feb until 8th March


Nicks latest Signature series metal painting will be ready in time for Dive 2016 at the NEC Birmingham .

WILDLIFE at the Grierson galleries in Sevenoaks, Kent . The exhibition will run until the 22nd of September . Nick has six of his wildlife pieces on show - five of which are being displayed for the very first time !! 

Nick wins the "Into the blue" category at the Wildlife Artist of the Year in London with his "Heart of the sea" painting - described by the judges as a sophisticated and refreshing image that reflects the tone of the whole exhibition .

Fatastic news to have 5 of Nicks paintings selected for the final of the Wildlife Artist of the Year in the Mall Galleries this summer .

Nick takes his painting to new levels with his unique "split level " resin series .


"White on Silver" Highly commended in the DSWF Wildlife Artist Of the year

Nicks three selected pieces hanging at the DSWF wildlife artist of the year show in London - the grey wall is all Nick's work . 

The Dark water gallery is now open in Brighton ! lots of Nick's originals and prints are available in store and online along with sculptures by Victor Douieb and jewellry by Arget Aqua . 

Big news coming soon ! 


Scupltor Victor Douieb taking delivery of "Fade to black " , you can see his beautiful sculptures at :


Fresh from the easel - This stunning new Great white shark painting . This one is finished in a matte varnish , blending the shadows into the background for a truly lifelike image . 

Nicks two Elephant works go on display at Trading Boundaries In East Sussex .

2015 has started out with something a bit different from Nick . This Huge Indian Elephant is taking shape over a sea of Silver leaf . 

Just back from our trip to the US to check out galleries and do some shark diving . Unfortunately the weather prevented the shark diving but we did get to check out some of the other wildlife . The local pelicans inspired this new rose gold based painting . 

Thank you to Artsy Shark for making me their featured artsist today . See the piece at

Last week i was given the opportunity to dive in Florida Aquariums shark tank , and they very kindly allowed to take my camera to get some reference photos .


This was my first visit to the aquarium and i was very impressed with the whole setup  , from the beautifully kept marine tanks to the large open area upstairs which allows birds and ducks to freely fly between the many open freshwater tanks .


The main reason for my visit was to dive their huge 500,00 Gallon shark tank  (this experience is also availble to the public at a very reasonable cost - cameras are not allowed though ) The pre dive briefing focuses on educating people about sharks and dispelling the "jaws" myth , theres also some sharks teeth to check out and a short video . The dive itself started at the top of the building where the tank is open to the elements allowing natural light to reach the fish and gives a nice open feel to the area . After a quick pre-dive saftey briefing my dive guide Josh and i entered the tank via a shark cage before swiming out and down to the sandy bottom . Its not long until the first of the 7 to 10 foot Sand tigers pass closely by - very close in fact ! the large set of teeth glides effortlessly towards me before changing direction at the last second so that it misses by mere inches - there is no fear though , they are beautiful fish and pose no threat to me . After too many eye to eye passes with the sand tigers to count and a good look round the huge tank at its other inhabitants ( a turtle , good size Barracuda , schools of lookdowns , two big green moarys etc ... ) my memory cards were full and it was time to leave the water - although i could happily have stayed in there all day !


I would like to thank everyone at the Florida Aquarium for making me so welcome - it is  a fantastic expeience and very proffesionally run . please have a look at their website for more info on experiencing it for yourself   . 

We are auctioning the first Artist proof canvas of Nicks " Battleship" painting with all profits to the buyers choic eof marine charity . go to for more info and to bid . 

"Mirror in the dark" is Nicks second silver leaf based painting . The tarpon is painted over the reflective leaf giving a very realistic flash to this beautiful fish .

"White on Silver " Is Nicks latest shark painting and his first on a silver leaf background . 

Nicks "Clear a path " painting has been selected for the Wildlife Artist Of The Year 2014 exhibition . 

The exhibition will take place in the Mall Galleries London in June .

Nick's last painting of 2013 was this impressive 100cm great white shark canvas ! 

Nick is auctioning this original Bull Shark painting for the DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal . 

100 % of the money raised will go to the charity 
Follow the link below for the auction

This stunning Mako shark is an impressive 1.8 meters wide and will be a showpiece for Nicks stand at Dive 2013 . 

Nicks biggest single canvas piece completed . 'Heavenly Haai ' shows a spectacular Great White swimming just beneath the surface which reflects its colours . 

Your chance to support sharks and own an ORIGINAL painting ! 

With the fantastic response to the auction for the prints of 'Fin$' and 'Bruiser' , another of these auctions looks like the best way to use the Original painting for what it was made to do - raise awareness and money for shark conservation


You can view and bid on the auction here

Very pleased to have two of my paintings , "tiger " and "lord of the rings " selected for the DSWF Wildlife Wildlife Artist of the year 2013 . Both are currently hanging in the Mall Gallery near Buckingham palace in London . 

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New Resin coated pieces in stock now


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